Animal-Friendly Brands

Are you looking to promote your animal-friendly brand? Is animal wellness the unique selling proposition of your product or service? Does your brand have a distinctive animal-theme name? Are you an organization needing help with promoting your animal welfare cause?

If you are promoting:

  • Animal-wellness and animal-friendly brands
  • Animal rescue groups
  • Registered animal charities*
  • Non-government organizations for animal welfare*
  • Animal-centric art and culture
  • Animal health brands
  • Animal-themed brands such as wines, coffee, fashion, the list of categories is endless!

Some examples: pet-friendly hotel, pet boutique, bird-friendly coffee brand, veterinary hospital, pet resort, animal-inspired art, doggy daycare just to name a few. No breeders please.
* special discounted rate

If you are looking to promote your animal-friendly brand, you are barking up the right tree!

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